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For those who do not know, this is my fourth or fifth (depending on how you count) attempt at a blog. The first was about my thoughts on life and faith in general. It lasted all of about five or six posts. My second was an attempt at experimental fiction. It lasted two posts. The almost third was supposed to be a hub site for a Sunday School class, but I had to move so it never quite got off the ground. My fourth might have had one post, but it did have links to several videos that I liked. That site folded and is no more, else I would probably be posting there. So here I am again and I have to wonder if this one will be any different…lasting a post or two or three then falling into blog oblivion.

I hope not.

While I don’t have a sense of how regular or how frequent my posts will be, it is my intent that they be regular, at least weekly, and if there are times that they will not be more than a couple of weeks at most. The reason I think, or at least hope this one will fare better than it’s predecessors is because I intend to start with a more narrow focus, namely to explain with such skill as has been given me my journey to and reasons for becoming a member of the Orthodox faith…Eastern Orthodox.

In short, for the time being, I want to make clear why a Southern Baptist boy who later became deeply invested in the Charismatic movement for many years laid it all aside for incense, icons, rote prayers, vestments, liturgy, and the Holy Eucharist and  who has had no regrets and has never looked back.

This is my first post, God willing it will not be my last, and next will begin the story of how and why I desired to become an Orthodox Christian.

Oh, and before I forget, the name of my blog is the Greek words “xeno” and “zoe” run together.  It means “Alien Life”. Why that name? Keep reading; we’ll get there… eventually, God willing.


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